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DECISIONS...: A Cinnamon Black Book Angelia Vernon Menchan




DECISIONS...: A Cinnamon Black Book

by Angelia Vernon Menchan

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Delia stood in the archway watching Zen, Marcellus and Thane play with their son Zenith. Actually, Zenith was Thane’s son born of a surrogate eighteen months earlier because Delia was far too old to birth any babies. And after several years of marriage and being her much younger husband, he wanted a child and had one. Zenith was a good boy but Delia never felt natural with him. Her kids were thirty-eight and thirty... her mothering days were done. Thane had done everything to make it easy for her, including a nanny and people like Zen and Cinnamon, who stepped in so they could be alone and travel, but it was still too much. She loved her husband but it might be time to let go. The pleasure of having Zenith was immeasurable for Thane. He was an amazing father and adored his son.

Feeling Delia’s eyes, Thane glanced up with sparkling eyes and nudged Zenith who spotted Delia and waved but continued clinging to Zen, who he adored. Zen was also expecting and looked beautiful at five months pregnant. She and Marcellus were engaged but hadn’t set a date but they were definitely in love and the right age to be new parents. Both were on the cusp of thirty.

Getting up, Thane made his way to his wife who was so beautiful to him. Instead of the French twist she had worn for years, her hair was cut short, showing her face.

“Hey beautiful, this is a surprise.” Thane said after embracing and kissing his wife.

“For us both. I was coming to invite you to lunch. I though Zenith was at daycare.”

“He was, but Zen picked him up. They’re going to see her dad and Zenith is going with them. Come in.” Thane said, feeling reserve in his wife. With reluctance and a huge lump in her throat, Delia walked into the room, gingerly sitting on a chair. Zen smiled at her, encouraging Zenith to go to her but he giggled, staying close to her.

“How are you Mrs. Whitton?” Marcellus asked.

“I’m fine, when is your baby due?” Delia asked, sounding peevish. Zen knew her and continued playing with Zenith. Thane glanced at his wife, whose face was pinched.

“In about four months.” Marcellus said, his eyes floating to Zen.

“When’s the wedding?” Delia asked.

“When Zen and I decide.” Marcellus said, his voice going cool. He knew everyone thought Zen was holding out on marriage but they were both waiting. They were excited about the unplanned pregnancy and loved the relationship they were building.

Delia’s eyes filled and she stood, strutting from the room. Thane quickly followed her.

“Dee, what’s wrong? You were fine this morning.”

“Nothing... look, I’m going for a drive. We can have dinner later.” Leaning in, Delia kissed Thane and fled.

“Daddy, I go.” Zenith said behind Thane and he turned to scoop up his son, burying his face in his neck and tickling him. Giggles filled the office.

“Is everything okay?” Zen asked Thane, as Marcellus and Zenith walked outside to get the car. Thane shrugged. He honestly had no idea. Delia had been running hot and cold for months. Years actually, but it was worse now. Zen hugged him briefly before heading out.

Thane felt things were heading for some kind of climax with his marriage.




















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Angelia Vernon Menchan



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